Monday, June 24, 2013


Saturday was such a fun family day.
Our community hosted a Summer party in the park where they had bouncers, crafts, games, live music and lots of food.
Everyone who lived in the community and r.s.v.p.'d which I made sure to do got free In N Out meals for their entire family.
We were going for sure for atleast the In N Out!

The girls had so much fun playing in the bouncers and doing the games but got tired very quick and we knew they would be up late so we didn't stay long because we wanted them to take naps.

By the time it was time to go nobody complained so we told them to go grab some cotton candy, I forgot how yummy pure sugar is ;)

Later on we stopped at Red Robin for dinner and then made our way to the 66er's Baseball game.
It was the first baseball game for the girls and they both enjoyed it.
Kayla watched the entire game loving every minute of it and Brooklyn asked over and over again where Bernie was, the team mascot, she thought he was hilarious!

They were pretty happy to get these mini pillow pets of the team mascot, Bernie to take home.
Besides the meltdown from a 6 year old when it was time to leave it was a perfect day!

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Kelli said...

How fun that your community has something like that. I love cotton candy!
Are the 66ers a minor league baseball team? We have on here and they are pretty good as well. The games are always fun to go to.