Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Right now there are toys strung out across the family room and the girls are bouncing back 'n forth from playing with their toys and watching Saturday morning cartoons.

We are enjoying some down time before we get into the craziness of running around that the weekends seem to always bring.
These last two pictures are not from this morning but I had to include them because they are just too darn cute and so Brooklyn.
Yesterday she came up to me all proud of herself to show me her dinosaur that she made pretty.

Only Brooklyn would decorate her dinosaur with jewelry!
Hope you are all enjoying your Saturday!


Kelli said...

Happy Saturday Shannon! I always love your pictures.

Sarah said...

Love the dino bling!

Colleen said...

ha! hilarious. I know. what is it lately? our weekends are insane with events.