Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Knott's Berry Farm Fun

One of the items on our Summer Fun List was to go to Knott's Berry Farm.
My parents gave us tickets for Christmas and we had been saving them for when school got out.
Yesterday was the day we went and it was not too crowded, it was hot but not as hot as it's going to get this Summer so it worked out well.
I didn't take my camera but used my phone to capture a few pics. throughout the day.

This was only the 3rd time the girls had ever been so they were super excited to ride on the rides they remembered from the previous trips and Kayla was tall enough for a few rollercoasters so she was happy to ride those over and over again.

Since Kayla was off riding the rollercoasters with daddy most of the day Brooklyn and I hung out in Camp Snoopy.  She loved going in the bouncer and watching her bounce quickly became one of my favorite parts of the day along with standing in line waiting for the log ride with Kayla where she NEVER stopped talking to me about anything and everything!
I may have cried a bit watching Brooklyn bounce when I realized she was pretty much the same size Kayla was the last time we came to Knott's which then led me to realize that Kayla is already outgrowing all these little kid things and I want them to stop growing so fast!

My cute little ride buddy

The picture below is not very clear but I had to add it because it is hilarious!
Kayla went on the Log Ride three times and I went with her the second time.
The picture they took came out so funny so of course we had to buy it.
Her face is priceless!

One of the things I look forward to seeing while at Knott's is all of the cute shops and buildings in Ghost town.
Of course I didn't get to do much looking because two little girls wanted to go on rides but we walked through quickly so I could atleast enjoy it for about 5 minutes.

Whenever we go to a theme park we usually get split up so one kid can ride a certain ride while the other goes on their ride so it's always nice when we get them to agree to go on one so we can all be together!

We stayed until a little after nine and had been there when the park opened at ten which gave us more than enough time to go on all of the rides we wanted to, most of them multiple times.
The girls passed out as soon as they got in the car and I was definitely ready to climb into my bed.
Today was spent lounging around watching movies and relaxing, we are loving this Summer so far!

5 comments: said...

That picture of you guys on the log ride is so, so funny! Your girlies are both so cute. I notice Kayla is looking older. Hope that doesn't make you too sad. xo

Kelli said...

Growing up we would always go to Knott's Berry Farm for their chicken dinner when we were down that way but we did not go into the park.
It looks like you had a great time. You have so many fun places to visit so close to you home.
Hope you are having a good Friday!

Sabrina said...

I have always wanted to go to Knotts Berry Farm! Looks like a fun time. And that picture on the ride is priceless... that face! Awesome!!

Colleen said...

that looks like a nice place! We went to a local place to pick strawberries this weekend.

Kerry said...

Sounds like such a fun day out Shannon! We will definitely have to visit this theme park on our next trip to America :)
Kayla looks so much like you and Brooklyn is just like her daddy!!
Have a great week and enjoy crossing all those fun things off your Summer 'to do' list xo