Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Wednesday on Balboa Island

We just got back home today which is bittersweet, it's so nice to be back in our comfy home but we sure are going to miss our daily walks to the beach.
I still have lots of pictures to share with you so be prepared, the next week will be full of our vacation pics!

Day 5

On Wednesday my father in law came down for the day, we enjoyed a few glasses of wine on the beach while relaxing and watching the girls play.

Everyday daddy built the girls a sandcastle or something for them to jump off of.
They had so much fun this day leaping off this little mountain of sand daddy piled up for them.

There was a sweet family who set up their umbrellas and sat near us everyday. 
They also had a little boy Brooklyn's age that she played with a lot.
She soon made herself comfortable and had the little boys grandpa helping her play with their toys.

They even asked if wanted to borrow a kayak that they had, Kayla jumped on that as soon as she heard them ask so daddy took the girls out for a little tour of the island.

After their little tour out at sea we got cleaned up and ate dinner and since we had a guest out for the day we thought we should go back for more balboa bars before our nightly walk around the island.

Then we made a quick stop by the fire station so the girls could some fire hats, stickers and climb up on the fire truck.


Walking around the island is the perfect way to end the day.
I'm glad we got an opportunity to take some good family pics in such a pretty setting.
By the end of the day the girls were realizing the vacation was coming close to being over but they were looking forward to Thursday night when we were going to take them to the Balboa Fun Zone for some pizza, games and rides.


Colleen said...

what a beautiful location Shannon. love your family pics near the water. looks like the girls had a blast! said...

Awww, looks like the perfect vacation ;)