Monday, July 29, 2013

The Last Two Days On The Beach

Thursday morning the girls were already dreading the fact that our vacation on "Bolbo Island", as Brooklyn calls it, was just about over.
They had been having the best time waking up and spending the days playing in the water.
This year was so different from the past times we have come to Balboa Island.
Hubby and I could sit and relax and actually just watch what was going on.  
Everybody knows how to walk and play on their own now.
The girls would even wake up each morning, get out of bed on their own, go turn the t.v. on and play so we could actually sleep in a bit.
It makes the vacation a lot nicer.

Friday's weather was a lot cooler than the days before.
Kayla didn't mind but Brooklyn was pretty cold most of the morning.
She spent a lot of the time wrapped up in her towel sitting on my lap or on her beach chair plus she was quite exhausted from going a whole week without naps and staying up late the night before while we were at the fun zone playing games.
Kayla on the other hand made some new friends on the beach and they took turns pulling each other around in the water.

Brooklyn did a great job at finding mommy lots of seashells to bring home!

The last night we got dressed up and went out to dinner to celebrate a great week at the beach of course that was after Brooklyn decided to take a nap while waiting for mommy and daddy to get ready ;)

I'll be back with pictures from our Thursday night at the fun zone soon but first I thought I'd add a video of Brooklyn and her little buddy she made at the beach playing, they entertained each other doing this for quite awhile ;)


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