Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Balboa Fun Zone

Thanks for sticking with me through all of my vacation pics I should have only one more post after this one and that is just pictures around the island.
From the moment we arrived on the island the girls were already asking how many days until we go to the fun zone?
We make sure to do it towards the end of the week so that way we can be sure to remind the girls throughout the week that they have to be good to go.
It works out perfectly ;)
So Thursday night after a day at the beach we got showered up and took the ferry over to the peninsula side of Balboa and ate dinner at BJ's.

This is Sally, Kayla's daughter.  Sally goes just about everywhere with us, EVERYWHERE!
Here is Kayla with Sally on her shoulders, hubby was carrying Brooklyn on his shoulders and next thing we see is Kayla hunched over with Sally on her shoulders.
Kids are hilarious!

So this is the reason the girls love the fun zone,

What could be better than horribly cheap made games with cheap prizes??

Yes there are rides too!

Both of the girls wanted to ride the bull shark and Kayla loved it laughing the entire time!

Brooklyn liked it for a little while and then her smile slowly faded into a serious face followed by I might get sick face.
She tried to fake smile here and there but we had them stop so she could get off.
She exclaimed "That was Awesome" as soon as she got off even though it didn't appear that way to us ;)

By now it was already past 8pm but the girls really wanted to go on the jump thing and we made the mistake of telling them okay before we found out the line was atleast an hour long.
We stood in line and as we got closer Brooklyn was falling asleep and decided she didn't want to go.  
Kayla was still super excited jumping around trying to be patient for her turn.

It was impossible to get pictures of her because one it was too dark and two she was moving so fast but she did so good.
She was doing flips like she had done it millions of times before.
She loved it and  now says she wants to do gymnastics.

By the time Kayla was done it was past 9 so we headed back to the island on the ferry and walked back to our house.
This was probably one of my favorite parts of the whole week.
If only I could have taken pictures of how pretty it was seeing the boats and the moon light shining on the water, it was gorgeous!
Not to mention how fun it was peeking into all the beach houses with their lights on ;)
I could have walked around the island all night!

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Colleen said...

omg, my kids would have never gone on that shark thing. hilarious!!