Sunday, August 4, 2013

Around the Island

Welcome to my final post about our vacation!
I just wanted to share a few pretty images I took from around the island.
First off, how cute was our beach house decor?
I loved how fun and bright it was!

No, this was not the outside of our beach house but I sure wish it was! 
I'll even take it as my permanent residence, please.

Most of the nights Brooklyn could care less about our evening strolls around the island. 
She would sit in the stroller and play with a toy she had brought along but if  she saw a cat she would hop right out to pet them, hubby practically ran her over when she hoped out to pet this little kitty.
This one was just hanging out in the planter and he loved getting some pets from the girls.

I love all of the gorgeous boats, must be nice to have the option to go for a sail at any given time.

The blue of this boat is so pretty, I'm always pulled towards this pretty shade of blue

How amazing is this mailbox?
The cute owners of this home had two on each side that were exactly the same, I'm sure they could have parted with just one for me to take home ;)

Thanks for putting up with all my pictures from our vacation over the past few weeks.
I promise I'm done and will get back to our regularly daily lives which have been running around like crazy people getting ready for back to school and finding some time to enjoy our last few weeks of Summer vacation. 
I definitely like the old days when school didn't start until after labor day!

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Colleen said...

Beautiful! I bet you were sad to leave.