Thursday, July 18, 2013

In The Garden

My garden has been neglected this year usually I'm always dropping by the nursery on the weekends picking up new plants and adding them to the yard but this year I have barely purchased a thing.
I've just been so busy with other things I haven't had the time and now that I really want to plant it's way too hot!
Good thing I have my trusty favorites that just keep on going and never disappoint.

My herbs are doing great as always.

Then there is my very favorite,

I can't wait to bring all those in and dry them in a month or so.
Every year I get more and more gorgeous blooms from this potted hydrangea.

These strawberries have to be picked quick otherwise the birds or whatever other little pest gets to them first.
So far the strawberries are all we have this year.
I had planted cantaloupe earlier in the season and it was completely eaten by something within days of being planted.
The  heirloom tomatoes have done terrible and have only had about 2 or 3 which didn't even get to be eaten because of the pests that had gotten to them first.
I told you my garden has been neglected.
I am however doing better now at taking care of my pumpkins I planted about a month ago.
Once the plants get a lot bigger I will take some pictures so we can watch the progress of them.
I am really hoping to have pumpkins to pick this Fall!!!
In the meantime I've been enjoying my roses it's so hot out that I make sure to cut them and bring them in so we can enjoy them in the house.

On another note I made the most delicious donuts yesterday for breakfast.
They were super easy and fast to make and the girls loved them.
I found the recipe here.



Lisa @ Texas Decor said...

I love that cloche in the first pic and your pink crepe is so pretty. I just love crepe myrtles. I'm also jealous of your hydrangea. :) They have the prettiest flowers! Oh yeah...I'm craving donuts now too. LOL!

Kelli said...

I feel the same way about my yard this summer. I just am not interested...maybe because it has been so hot.

Your donuts look wonderful!

Sensible Gardening said...

I love drying my hydrangeas as well. They last forever in the house:) said...

Well for being a neglectful gardener there are still lots of beautiful flowers and herbs to see. My favorite are hydrangeas.

Stacy said...

I love your hydrangeas too! The bird cloche is really unique ~ I like it too. I am visiting from the cottage garden party.