Friday, July 12, 2013


life rearranged

Another week down, Summer is flying by and it's just about half over for us :(
Here's what I've captured with my iphone the past few weeks,

Hubby got a new car and having the girls so close to us while driving for a length of time can make a mom go insane.
These girls are never quite, NEVER!

I spent a Monday morning babysitting a friends kids, both the girls are good friends with them which made it pretty easy.

A little decor out for the 4th of July

The girls have been taking their babies every where lately so come 4th of July morning Kayla was upset her baby didn't have anything patriotic to wear.  I opened my mouth and said I could make her something,

of course I had to make two because Brooklyn's baby would need an outfit too, right?

I usually think of sunflowers as a Fall flower but couldn't find anything else I loved for the house but once I got home and saw it with my red chevron runner it looked so pretty.

Hubby and I ready to party on the 4th

The girls were ready too.

Loved my little dessert set up, brownies in little mason jars ready to be topped with ice cream and whatever else you wanted to sprinkle over them.

Off to a baby shower for my brother and sister in law

Looking through a few cookbooks for dinner ideas

It was Sunday afternoon, the house was quiet so I poured myself a glass of wine and watched half of a chick flick before the girls woke up ;)

I made watermelon granita and it has quickly become a family favorite, soooo yummy!!

We took the girls out to dinner and to see Despicable Me 2, it was so cute we all loved it!
There's those babies again.

Got to take the girls on a tour of a local police station.  They loved climbing in and out of all the police cars.

The best part of our family walks is when the girls get to walk the dog and pull the wagon on their own.

Have a great weekend!


Gwendolyn T said...

I really loved the back seat photo. You captured a really fun sweet moment. I love those afternoons of silence, when both kids sleep at the same time, which is getting rare. Oh, and your brownie sundae set up was super cute. Pinterest worthy even!

Work it Mommy said...

Your daughters are adorable! I love your table with the chevron runner and sunflowers, the colors, everything! I found you through InstaFriday link up :)