Sunday, August 11, 2013

End Of Summer Picnic

Friday the girls and I headed up to the nearby mountains for our annual end of Summer picnic.
It's our way of slowing down for a few hours and spending some time talking about the upcoming school year.
This year we read a few books about back to school, played "go fish", ate lunch and I enjoyed watching the girls play around for a bit.

Kayla will start first grade this Wednesday and although she has said quite a few times she doesn't want to go into the first grade and just wants to stay in Kindergarten, I'm pretty sure once I pick her up Wednesday afternoon she will be happy as can be to be back in school with all her friends.
She's a little nervous about going all day since last year Kindergarten was only half days.
It's definitely going to be an adjustment for her and for me since I'm so used to seeing her little face for lunch everyday but I am really looking forward to her telling me all about her days when she gets home!

Brooklyn will start Preschool the following week but she will only go twice a week for a few hours.
She is super excited to be going to school and I'm just hoping she still is once she realizes I will be leaving her!
It will be nice to have a few hours during the week to go out and get things done but it's gonna be kind of lonely without her since she is definitely my little shopping buddy.

Having Brooklyn in school for a few hours will be good because the other days she is home she is going to be missing her big sister.
It will be a big adjustment for her since her and Kayla are so close.
Last year, Kayla was only gone for a few hours in the day and Brooklyn would be pretty sad, she often would tell me "I miss Kayla" or "is it time to go get Kayla?"
These two do everything together, for the most part they play very well together in fact they didn't even really fight at all this Summer except for maybe these last 2 weeks here and there.

I can't believe how fast time has gone by and how much they have grown in just the past year.
I already wish I could turn back time and have them be babies again!
Here's hoping this school year doesn't go by too fast and that it goes well!

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Kelli said...

Such cute pictures of your girls Shannon!