Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Day of 1st Grade

Today was Kayla's first day of school she was excited and a bit worried about this whole going to school almost all day stuff.
I knew once she got there she would have a blast and come home as happy as can be but I wanted to make sure she woke up this morning and got a little more excited so I set up the kitchen table with white craft paper and some fun goodies so the girls could color and keep themselves busy also in hopes that maybe I could sleep in!
The sleeping in part didn't work out but they did enjoy drawing on the paper and seeing everything all set up.

Eventually after the hustle and bustle of getting everyone ready for school(forgot how much I hate that part) it was time to get going but first we had to take a few pictures.  
I'll spare you the million I took and share 2 instead,

Regardless that it was going to be almost 100 degrees outside she wanted to wear this long black skirt.
She picked out her outfit all on her own as well as the crazy shoes she had to have since they were so wonderfully advertised by the Disney show "Shake It Up".

When we took Kayla to school she was excited to find out that two of her close friends were in the same class as her as well as a few other kids she knew from her class last year.
When it came time to say goodbye I didn't want to leave, I told her goodbye a few times and eventually pulled myself away.
She looked so grown up in her big girl desk, gone are the days where she sits at a table like she did in preschool and kindergarten.
I missed having her home and although it did seem like she was gone for far too long it was nice being able to get things done around the house without having another kid calling "MOM" throughout the day.
Eventually it was time to pick her up and bring her home, Brooklyn was so excited and gave her the biggest hug, Kayla gave me a big hug and told me she missed me and then exclaimed how much she loves first grade and can't wait to go back.
She told me every little detail of her day and even tried to re-tell me the stories of all three books the teacher read to them but after the first one I told her she didn't have to tell me the entire story because Brooklyn really wanted to show her something.

making sure she has remembered to tell me every last detail!

Brooklyn was excited for Kayla to go into her room so she would see the fun items we got her to surprise her on her first day.

As you can tell she was very happy to see the new CD she had recently said she wanted.

The Mommy and Me book is something I was really excited about and wasn't too sure if she was going to care about or not but luckily she was very excited about it.
I will go in to detail about this in another post because it is such a great idea to do with your kids!

Soon daddy called to hear all about her day as well.
She already looks older just talking on the phone, soon enough she will have that phone to her ear talking to her friends all the time.

The day seemed to go by much faster than usual and soon enough it was time for bed but not before Kayla had a dance party on her bed to her new CD.
She thinks she's ready for the clubs and the way time flies soon she will be!


Sarah said...

Love her first day outfit!!! Glad it was a success. My boys have been asking for that CD too.

Kelli said...

Love her outfit and her pose! I was just thinking yesterday how fast the days are going by now that they are back in school.

Colleen said...

Oh my, you have a big girl on your hands. she is super cute Shannon. So glad it went well for her. said...

Kayla looks like she enjoyed her first day of school. Love her very fashionable outfit! What a cutie.

Becca said...

I love her top! Haha, I would wear it. Maybe we should shop together.