Friday, August 16, 2013


Happy Friday!
I'm linking up all my instagram pics over here today.

life rearranged
Here's what we've been up to the past couple of weeks,

When we got back from our beach vacation we got right down to business and started our back to school shopping.
Kayla knows exactly what she likes and dislikes now and watching her try on something she really likes is adorable.
She was getting so excited over certain outfits, "oh my gosh mom, this is so adorable, isn't this adorable??"

We spent some time enjoying the cooler Summer weather we had for a week or two.
Nobody minded playing outside, the girls were even watering my flowers for me everyday. Here's Brooklyn watering and picking me a pretty flower.

We went out to dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant, these girls act so silly sometimes I think they were the ones who drank the margarita!

Off to my father in laws to swim for the day, all my girls were ready to go.

Brooklyn asked "daddy can you skip me like a stone?"

Who would've thought this girl would be jumping in the water and being thrown in the water like this when she spent the first few weeks of Summer  complaining on the steps about being too scared to do anything.

Enjoying our fun & relaxing Saturday by the pool!

More back to school shopping, Kayla knew exactly what she wanted ~ Pink Shoes!

Kayla was not to happy about having to share her back to school shopping time with her sister she wanted it to be just mommy and her like the year before so we set a night to go out just the two of us.
We both agreed In N Out was going to be for dinner!

Last week Brooklyn started Ballet & Tap, she was so eager for her class to begin!

Fitting in some craft time in our last week of Summer

I spent an evening last week making a delicious dinner along with some breakfast burritos to grab for a quick breakfast during the school week.

The girls enjoying our end of Summer picnic

Saturday hubby and I went out to dinner to one of our favorite spots, The Melting Pot.
So nice to sit and eat without anyone playing with their food or complaining!

Before the girls went back to school I had them each make their own bracelet.
I told them whenever they look at it they can remember all the fun they had together as sisters over the Summer.

Tuesday night we went out to grab pizza and yogurt to celebrate the last night of Summer.
The girls had to check out the fountain so I made sure they let me take a picture of their cute lil' faces first.

When the girls were all tucked in bed I set up the kitchen table for some morning fun.

Here's my big first grader, I can't believe she's already old enough to be in school all day. 
Where does the time go???

While Kayla was off at her first day of school Brooklyn had ballet and tap.
She ended up getting "Dancer of the Day" and was sooooo excited, she kept saying "I can't believe I already got dancer of the day!" over and over again.

Soon enough it was time to pick up my big girl, I was so happy to see her but she didn't want to leave school she loved it so much.
She spent the next hour telling me all about it in every detail!

Brooklyn has a 4th birthday coming up and she's decided on a unicorn party so yesterday we were out looking for unicorn decorations.
We found a Pinata!

and today is daddy's birthday, the girls were excited to give daddy his presents this morning.
Kayla made him a birthday video on her camera where she sang happy birthday to him, so cute.
Happy Birthday Babe!


Traci Little said...

I love all your captures! Keep snapping those memories!

Mindy said...

Great shots.
I LOVE the Melting Pot, too!
It's my fav!!!!