Sunday, August 25, 2013

Our Weekend

Nothing too exciting going on over here the last few days.
Friday while Kayla was at school Brooklyn and I spent the day playing and baking cookies.

Kayla was happy to come home to freshly baked cookies for a snack

After cookies she decided to watch a movie in the family room with all her stuffed animals while Brooklyn watched a different movie in the master bedroom

Saturday morning we did a craft from our Kiwi Crate box.

They each made and decorated their own kites which kept them busy pretty much the entire weekend running up and down the halls.

Saturday night we headed over to a friends house to celebrate their birthday and while Kayla and their son were playing he accidently hit her in her mouth making her tooth fall out.  It was already very loose so she was excited when it fell out and that the the tooth fairy would be stopping by.
She looks so cute missing teeth ;)

All day today we spent lounging around watching movies.
Tomorrow it's back to the routine, looking forward to the upcoming three day weekend!


Kelli said...

Juliana lost the same tooth this week!
I love the craft kits you get. Do they come once a month?

Billie Jo said...

Hi Shannon! Thanks so much for visiting...I am loving your beautiful space here. I am off to add you to my Dashboard... Can't wait to visit again soon! : )

Genn said...

Hi Shannon!
What a fun mom you are.. cookies! a kite craft! I've gotta step up my game! ;)

Always love your pictures.
Your girls are growing up quick (just like mine!) Hope you guys are having a good week!