Friday, August 23, 2013

Insta Friday

The first full week of school is over!
So far so good except for the fact that the girls are exhausted everyday especially Kayla.
It's a big adjustment going to school a full day and the grumpiness and attitude lately is just delightful around here!
I added to that by surprising the girls yesterday after school and taking them to Disneyland so needless to say we are all in need of a lazy and relaxing weekend!


I'm linking up my instagram pics from this week over here,

life rearranged

Saturday night we went over to my aunt and uncle's home and had a great time catching up with family members.
This is my cousin and I, we used to be close when we were little and then family stuff got in the way and we lost touch.  
It was nice hanging out again and hopefully we'll see each other more now.

The girls got to hang out with their cousin Michael as well, here they were all watching a movie together.

Brooklyn started preschool on Tuesday so we read this book on Monday, it was really cute.

Here she is ready to go!
She loves it so far and let me tell you, I've never seen a kid get more excited to see her mom at pick up.
She runs over to me and jumps into my arms with kisses all over my face, it's the best!
The teacher loves her and said she is such a good little girl and so sweet.

Our cat is a bit confused since he usually waits on the bed for Brooklyn to come in and take a nap with him but since school has started there haven't been any naps.  
Instead she decided she would just put all her toys she wanted to play with on the bed with him so they could be together.

Since I spent all day Tuesday morning mopping and cleaning the house while the girls were in school I made sure to have some fun Thursday morning.
I went out shopping at a few favorites spots and found some pretty things.
It was so nice to shop at some shops I wouldn't normally go into with the girls since I know they would be touching everything.

Like I said earlier we were at Disneyland last night and we had a blast but unfortunately today we are all tired, well atleast I am!
Brooklyn is full of energy running around playing right now and Kayla is off at school she was fine when I dropped her off but cranky this morning while getting ready.

I'm so glad it's Friday and we have a weekend that doesn't include any running around!


Art and Sand said...

I taught pre-school for many years and then switched to middle school - big difference. The pre-school age is so special.

How fun to be able to drop in at Disneyland - you obviously live nearby and have passes.

Colleen said...

yay!! so glad things are going well. you must be enjoying that mommy time now that it is happening although I am sure you miss your little buddy!