Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Preschool Here I Come!

This morning we sent Brooklyn off to preschool.
She was so excited to be going to school like her big sister and even though I was a bit nervous that she just might get sad when she realized we would be leaving her she did just fine!

She already knew one girl in her class so that made us and her feel better.
We watched her play playdough with her friend and then she moved onto another toy to play with for a bit.

And after a dozen hugs and kisses from mommy and daddy we said our goodbyes and off we went!
There wasn't a tear in my eye and let me tell you I'm so proud of myself.
The night before when I put her to bed I cried realizing this is just the beginning because my little buddy is off to school and soon it will be everyday, my kids are growing up!!!! NOOOO!!
But this morning I did just fine, hubby and I went out to coffee together and then he went on his way to work and I spent my first day alone cleaning the house.
I know not ideal but it definitely needed to get done.

I was so excited to pick her up and hear how her day had gone and make sure she liked it.
I sneaked in to her class and watched her look through books with a few other kids around her.
When I called her name she jumped up and said "Mommy" and gave me the biggest hugs, she wouldn't let me go. 
I love that she was so excited to see me and even more that she said she had so much fun.
She can't wait to go back and that makes me so happy to hear.

Just like Kayla, Brooklyn had a few goodies waiting for her on her bed when she got home.
Nothing big just a bag for ballet and tap that I made for her, some candy and a princess water bottle.

I'm so grateful that both of the girls have enjoyed going to school and I haven't had to worry about them not wanting to go, Yet!


Kelli said...

She looks so cute. I love that you have a little gift waiting for them when they come home from their first day of school.
Enjoy the time to yourself!

Colleen said...

oh Shannon that is so awesome!!! makes it so much easier when they love it.