Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Party

Saturday afternoon we celebrated Brooklyn's 4th Birthday with friends and family.
She wanted a unicorn party since unicorns are her "very favorite!"
The party turned out to be a blast despite the fact that it began to rain as soon as everyone arrived so down came the bouncer and all the tables and chairs we set up outside.
There were a few dry spells throughout the party so everyone was in and out and the kids had a great time watching the lightening and listening to the thunder.
I will say my house was a disaster afterward but it was all worth the fun and cleaning afterwards!

checking out the lightening, love Brooklyn's face!

once again I didn't get a family picture of all of us together but atleast I got the birthday girl with her great grandparents!

This girl squealed and screamed while opening her gifts, it was so funny.
She also just might be the only 4 year old who enjoys getting clothes for her birthday!

My beautiful 4 year old,


Sheri said...

You are right! She is beautiful - just like her momma! Great party.

Kelli said...

Such a cute party Shannon. I love the smile on her face in the pictures.

The cookies turned out so cute!

Billie Jo said...

The weather doesn't seem to have mattered at all! The look on your birthday girl's face says it all!

The party looks wonderful, and your daughter is indeed beautiful Shannon. : )

{cindy} said...

What a beauty!:)
love those unicorns!
and I think I spy a princess Sophia?!:)
have a happy day shannon

Linda {Calling it Home} said...

Wow, what a party! You are so lucky to have great grandparents around. Love the bow.

Val said...

What a beautiful party.....I love that it was a unicorn theme. Brings me back to when I was a little girl.