Monday, September 16, 2013

Weekend Recap

Friday right after picking Kayla up from school we surprised the girls and told them we were going to Disneyland.
This would be our last trip since our passes expire in a week and we will not be renewing them due to the outrageous amounts they charge nowadays and the fact that we really just don't have the time to go much anymore.
As soon as we got there we took a picture in front of the giant Mickey pumpkin, the girls knew that was my number one rule, we must get a family pic in front of the Mickey pumpkin!

We were surprised to find out that both of the girls had shot up in height since the last time we had gone.
Brooklyn is 40" and could ride a few more rides although she was so tired she ended up not even wanting to go on anything, she almost fell asleep at dinnertime.
Kayla was about 1/2" too short to go on the big rollercoaster over at Disney California and I can't say I wasn't happy about that but I do feel bad cuz she really did want to ride it and who knows when we'll be going back again now.

Since it was Friday the 13th and the first day that the Halloween decorations were up at Disneyland it was packed.
Not too bad when we first arrived but by nighttime it was ridiculous.
We didn't stay as long as we would have liked to but it's okay I think we had had enough with the crowds and Brooklyn was passed out.

Saturday morning Kayla had a friends birthday party to go to.
It was at a nearby park so not too far from home. 

The birthday girls mom completely forgot forks for the cake so the girls had to eat their cake with their hands.
Poor Kayla could barely eat it because her only front tooth was just hanging and hurt if she used it.

A few fun pics of the party girls,

After the party we came home and showered up so we could head over to our friends house for dinner.
I had made some pumpkin shaped cookies and snickerdoodles earlier to bring.

The girls had a blast hanging out with their friends.

I enjoyed holding this little fella all night, he is hands down the best baby ever!
I've never seen him cry, just smiles and plays happily.
He might look a little afraid in our picture, I think he has overheard me talking about stealing him a few hundred times.

Sunday morning I made chocolate donuts for breakfast and then we lounged around for a bit.
The girls and I played some games which I lost everytime!

Later on I got dressed to go do some antiquing, stop by Kohls and grocery shopping.
Kayla said she wanted to come to, I hesitantly said okay because I wasn't sure how she would do at the antique stores.
I warned her she couldn't touch anything and that she might get bored because I will be taking my time.
But she was amazingly very good and we had a great time together!
She enjoyed searching for the cats in the store, both of my favorite stores out by us have a store cat roaming around.

After all our shopping it was time to come home and make dinner.
I love Sunday family dinners especially when it's something yummy like pasta and bread on the menu!

Here is a picture of my little buddy of the day.
She not only shopped all day with me but she made dinner with me which made it much easier for me to get it all done on time.
She was so good yesterday it was unbelievable, fingers crossed it stays like that!
She also ended up losing that front tooth up top last night after bathtime!


Billie Jo said...

This was a fun one, Shannon! I enjoyed reading about your weekend and getting to know your sweet family.

Disneyland after school?! How exciting! I love the family picture in front of the pumpkin. : )

Your cookies look so pretty and so good. What a nice friend you are to take those over...and holding a baby all night...lucky you!

Enjoy your week, new friend!

Colleen said...

You guys have been busy! I love that pic in front of the pumpkin. it must be so fun to go there this time of year. I've always wanted to go near one of the holidays just to see the decorations.