Saturday, October 26, 2013

Fall Carnival at School

Last night was Kayla's Fall Carnival, last year when we first attended we saw the 'Sundance Singers' perform and she told us that night she wanted to do that next year when she was in 1st grade.
This year she was so excited to perform and sing the songs she had spent the past few weeks learning and practicing. 

They were so cute and we loved Kayla's faces while singing the songs, which if you saw her teacher in this video you would see they were an exact replica of hers.
I know it's not the best video but you get the idea.
The second video is much more shaky mostly because I could barely see her and was trying to figure out where I could go to see my girl singing.

"Who Let the Ghost Out?"

"Smell My Feet"

After some singing it was time to run around and play all the games they had at the carnival.
The kids had so much fun last night.
 We are so lucky to be at such a great school they always have so many fun things for the kids and their families!

After some time at the carnival we had a few friends and their kids over for some hot dogs and more time for them to play.
The girls ended up staying up and running around like crazies until 11.
They were quite tired by the time everyone left so we are looking forward to a nice quiet evening at home tonight!


Billie Jo said...! Your daughter did amazing!

Enjoy the rest of your October weekend. : )

Colleen said...

adorable! love her cute boots!