Thursday, November 21, 2013


Today both of the girls had their own Thanksgiving festivities at school, they both came home with their feather hats and ran around like Indians playing all night.  I got to go and help in Brooklyn's classroom while they had their Thanksgiving feast, of course the pumpkin pie and bread were her favorites but she did try the turkey and stuffing which is major for her!  Since Kayla has had minimum days all this week the afternoons and evenings seem to go on forever with both of them home so long so I found a cute craft for us to do once we picked her up.  They came out so cute and it looks so cute hanging in the kitchen.  Since it was raining and cold both of the girls made sure I knew they would love some hot cocoa and a cookie after their craft time.  After everything was all cleaned up they were off playing school and running around while I got to work on dinner, tortilla soup.  I used to eat tortilla soup all the time but had not made it at all since I was pregnant with Kayla due to the fact that it started making me nauseous to smell while pregnant.  Can you believe it's taken me 6 years to make it again?  It was so good and perfect on a cold night!  I'm so ready for the next week off and celebrating Thanksgiving with our family.  We are supposed to have rain the next few days so some movies and cuddling on the couch is sounding pretty good!

4 comments: said...

You will be so happy to have those adorable little turkey handprints in a few years! Your soup recipe looks really yummy. Loving this cold, rainy weather too! xoxo

Billie Jo said...

Love those handprint turkeys!

And your evening soundS PERFECT!

Have a cozy weekend, my friend.

Kelli said...

Love the handprints! Your soup looks good. I love that soup but have not made it it easy to make?

SSM said...

Hello Shannon,
Love that turkety handprint and that soup sounds delicious.
Happy Thanksgiving!