Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another Family Hike

Sunday was another family day spent hiking in our local mountains.
This time the girls were prepared with better shoes and we got up there early so we wouldn't be pressed for time trying to get back so the girls could eat lunch.
We ended up hiking for almost two hours and hiked over 2 miles.
I was so proud of the girls, they didn't complain at all, Brooklyn got a little tired during the last stretch which was all up hill and a bit much for her little legs but all in all they did awesome.
At one point Brooklyn said she had to go to the bathroom and we were well into the middle of nowhere so I was a bit worried she was going to have a meltdown when I told her she would have to pee out here somewhere, she is VERY girly and is disgusted to just use a bathroom anywhere when we are out and about so I knew this might be a huge problem but she was completely fine.  I held while she did her thing and off we went on with our hike.  I was so impressed.
We found so many fun spots that were so beautiful, even a few I did not want to leave!
I took hundreds of pictures and enjoyed every minute of it and I know you just saw pictures from last weeks hike so feel free to click off if ya will otherwise enjoy.

so excited to have a walking stick although we did have to take it away a few times after almost being hit with it throughout the hike

skipping stones

this spot looked like a painting
I've been thinking of going back to this spot everyday since, so peaceful!

Kayla filling out her wildlife journal


we found a fun spot to cross the stream over the rocks
this is when we thought we were almost done only to find we had a long way up the hill oh and this is the only spot that actually had steps

finally found the right size walking stick for herself

I'm sure there will be many more hiking pictures in my future but you'll get a break from those atleast next week.  We had to break the news that we will not be hiking come this weekend but it doesn't mean we don't have something else fun planned!


Billie Jo said...

How fun are you guys???
Love the pictures...
How about I come next time?
I could meet you at the end with snacks. ; )

Jo said...

What a great way to spend the day! I really have to get us sorted so we can go on a hike.

Colleen said...

pretty pictures Shannon!

Becca said...

I love the little explorer outfits! Maybe I can put Jonas in the carrier and go with you guys some time!

Kristine said...

Love the photos! What a nice way to spend family time! :)