Sunday, January 19, 2014

Train Days

A museum nearby us was having a train exhibit this weekend and we knew the girls would enjoy it so this morning we headed over to check it out.  We got there early and were done with the entire museum in about 2 hours.  Both of the girls really liked seeing all of the model trains and watching them!  They had tables set up outside for the kids to paint or color as well so of course they liked that.  I'm so glad we went because we all really enjoyed it and after we were done with all the trains we went around and saw the rest of what the museum had to offer.

  The last couple of Sundays have been really nice from hiking to a trip to the museum.  
So far 2014 has been pretty great!


Sheri said...

Making memories these sweet girls will always remember. I have one sister and my parents took us on day trips growing up just like this! Still my favorite memories.

Becca said...

I love Kayla's side parted ponytail! So grown up and sweet!

Colleen said...

such a fun place!
love K's flip flops!!