Wednesday, January 1, 2014


We spent New Year's Eve at home this year and it ended up being really nice.  I had picked up some party horns and blowers awhile ago so I brought those out for the girls and of course they enjoyed them.  They were also very excited to find out we would be having appetizers for dinner and would be dipping strawberries in chocolate for dessert.  They even got to drink "champagne" from big kid glasses which they thought was a real treat.  After dinner and dessert we watched Rudolph's Shiny New Year and a few other New Year shows I had recorded and then the IHeart Radio Concert.  Last year we had come home from a New Year's Party and watched the ball drop from our bed so they really wanted to watch tv from our bed again so we all snuggled in and watched the concert from there.  We did not stay up til midnight which we were all fine with.  They girls were in bed a little after 9 and hubby and I crawled in around 10:30.  I was falling asleep on the couch so decided it was time.  It's much nicer waking up refreshed and restored to welcome in the new year than tired and hung over!


Happy 2014!

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Colleen said...

aww such a sweet way to celebrate. I love this Shannon.