Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Day of Love

I made sure to wake up a bit earlier than the girls Friday morning so I could set up some Valentine's donuts on the table.  I originally thought about making pink pancakes but then figured donuts would be much easier and would be a bit more fun.  Of course the girls were pretty excited to come out and see they were having donuts for breakfast.  It also worked out for me since I was exhausted being up with a sick Brooklyn most of the night, there was no way I would have been in the mood to whip up some pancakes.

After donuts and watching "Minnie-rella" it was time to get dressed.  I had found some heart scarfs at The Dollar Store and the girls loved them and were excited to wear them for Valentine's day.  Brooklyn's didn't really go with her black shirt but she wanted to match her big sister.

While Kayla was at school Brooklyn and I spent most of our time at home.  I ended up making the heart shaped cake for dessert by myself since she was resting most of the day.  We did leave the house for a little bit to run to the library and then back home to watch a movie she had picked out.  
Before it was time to pick up Kayla I set the table for dinner and put a little treat out for the girls to find when we got home.

Brooklyn was happy to find chocolates inside while Kayla was still too full from all the candy she got to eat at her school

This is how she looked when I picked her up, she thought she was quite cute with her red mustache

She came home with bags full of candy valentines! 
I really despise candy valentines and try to make sure not to send candy.  I loved the cute "love bug" valentines we made this year.

After going through the bags of goodies Kayla got her and Brooklyn got to add the sprinkles to our cake.

Dinner was heart shaped pasta with caesar salad and bread.

And to end the day the girls got to dig into their Valentine's day baskets filled with a fun bath soap, a rubber duck, and a loofah all in their favorite color.  I also added in some hair clips, nail stickers, fun undies and a word search book for Kayla, unicorn socks and a book of mazes for Brooklyn.

Then they got one gift to share, the Frozen soundtrack.  Brooklyn might have been the most excited for that one.  She was screaming and jumping up and down eventually falling off of the couch,

which was quite hilarious to us all.
Laughter was the best way to end our day of love.


Billie Jo said...

The perfect Love Day, my friend!
You made it so special for your loves.
And heart shaped pasta?!?!?!?
Where oh where did you find that?
Hugs, my friend. : )

Kelli said...

I love the last picture.
It looks like you had a great day..love the heart pasta.

Jo said...

Heart shaped pasta! You really did an amazing job! So glad my kids don't read your blog!