Sunday, February 23, 2014

Presidents Week

The girls had this past week off of school, I guess instead of taking two days off for the Presidents holiday they now just get the week off in our district.  Personally I would rather just get out a week earlier in Summer especially since we get a week off in a month or so for Spring Break.  Anywho we didn't do much of anything since the girls still had softball in the evenings each night so it was atleast a relaxing week off.  

Kayla got a chemistry set for Christmas that we had not opened so we spent sometime doing a few of those activities which were fun.

The girls spent a lot of time playing together and getting along so that was also nice.  I did realize how much I truly miss having them both home together all day.  I loved having lunch together and eating in the backyard it made me sad remembering how we used to do that everyday when they were just babies. 

Kayla got started on some homework for next week she also spent most of the week off  reading.  She is having a read a thon at school and is supposed to read 100 books, I think she is already at 50 and she has until the end of March.  She has stacks of books waiting for me to record for her on the counter.

Brooklyn enjoying a morning playing a game

Daddy worked Saturday morning and I woke up to Kayla crawling into bed with me to cuddle which RARELY happens.  Kayla almost never comes to cuddle anymore so I was extremely happy to see her little face waking me up!  Brooklyn came in a bit later and asked if we could watch tv in bed and it just so happened Ice Age was on so they spent all morning in bed watching movies.  Eventually they were hungry but didn't want to leave the room so I brought them some cereal.  It was such a fantastic morning hanging out in bed with my girls although I eventually had to get up and do laundry and clean up a bit but they stayed put until it was time to get ready to go their Noni's house.

We have no place to be today so I'm thinking of heading out to get some flowers for the yard.  Our weather is so nice although I do believe rain is in the forecast for the weekend which we need but today we will be in the yard. 
Tomorrow is back to school.


Billie Jo said...

Shannon, we would be awesome neighbors. : )

So glad you all had a good week together.

Have a cozy week ahead!

Deborah said...

Some of my happiest memories were lazy pajama days when the kids had a day off. Thanks for sharing. Also, love the calming whites in your room.

Kelli said...

Love your Saturday morning! My kids always had presidents week off as well until last year...I sure miss that week. said...

Love that you know how to enjoy your girlies. They are so cute!