Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Wednesday

Kayla had 80's day at school yesterday and since we really didn't have anything for her to wear we decided we would crimp her hair.  I was surprised I still had one and that it worked, actually barely worked but good enough.  She was happy and looked super cute!

After dropping Kayla off at school Brooklyn and I headed back home, she was still in her pajamas and I tried getting her ready for ballet but she decided her legs were just too tired from softball.  I didn't argue since she had a bit of a runny nose anyway and I knew even if she did go I would be wiping her nose constantly so it was nice to lounge around and watch some movies cuddled up with her instead.

Eventually we got up and got her dressed because I had to run to the grocery store.  Below she is applying her lip gloss, she is such a girlie girl.

After lunch we got the Valentine's day sprinkles out, some pretzels and melted some chocolate to make chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles.

Such a quick and easy snack to make and fun for kids because we all know they love sprinkles.
When Kayla got home she was excited to have a few while doing her homework before we headed out to her practice.

Luckily the girls had some extra free time to play around and make each other laugh before we were off to practice. 
 I love watching them crack each other up!
I'll be back tomorrow with pictures from helping out in Brooklyn's class for her Valentines day party.

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