Monday, February 10, 2014

Ten On Ten

Time for February's Ten on Ten.

ten on ten button

This is how our day looked around here,

7 am
It's cold and cloudy out this morning but it doesn't seem so dreary when I see these flowers on the patio

8 am
Kayla is ready and off to school

9 am
Brooklyn did some coloring while I worked out

10 am
cold & cloudy means hot chocolate for Brooklyn

11 am
always adding a litt
le fancy to her outfit 

12 pm
beds are all made with clean sheets

1 pm
Noticed this in Kayla's room, think she's excited about gong to practice tonight?

2 pm
Trying to figure out what to make for Friday night's dinner, we are spending Valentine's day at home and hubby and I will go out over the weekend on our own.

3 pm
Enjoying a few candies for the holiday week

Home from school and doing some homework real quick before heading out to practice

I always look forward to the tenth of the month, it's so fun to capture a bit of what the day looks like.  
Off to see what everyone else has been up to!
Thanks for stopping by.


Karina said...

Such beauty all around you. Just had a mini panic attack remembering that Friday is Valentines Day....Love that you are planning your special meal.

Kelli said...

Great pictures!
I am trying to figure out what to make for dinner on Friday as well...I am thinking fondue.