Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sunny Saturday

After today I want Spring to come right away even if we haven't really had a Winter here in California.  The weather today was so perfect we spent the day out in the yard pruning the rose bushes, cleaning out the dead plants washing off the patio furniture and then afterward the girls practiced some softball.  The back slider stayed open all day and now the house smells amazing, love the smell of fresh air throughout the house! 
I made lasagna for dinner and then the girls got to take a bubble bath in "the big bath"(master bath). 
The best part is we still have a whole other day off to enjoy!

What do you do when you have a great day?

Write it down in your diary.

Hope it was a great Sunny Saturday for you too!


Deborah said...

It looks like a fun weekend. Love the girls cute pj's.

Kerry said...

Hi Shannon, how are you? The day you described sounds beautiful, I know that feeling of spring approaching and how it makes you want to get outside and enjoy doing things that you put off during Winter. Your girls are looking so much older, such a cute picture of them together :) And what a lovely bathroom too!! You always have the nicest décor :) I hope you get more and more days like this one, have a good week!