Friday, February 28, 2014

This Week

Softball practice was cancelled on both Wednesday night and Thursday giving us two nights of freedom!  It was wonderful to actually make and eat a delicious homemade dinner together without rushing to get done so the girls could get bathed and ready for bed! 

Kayla and Brooklyn definitely enjoyed the extra time goofing around

and reading books

For the past month I've been on the hunt to finally decorate this space over a bookcase we have with no luck.  I had recently purchased the mercury glass bottles but needed something else but just couldn't find it.  Kayla came out of school Wednesday carrying this flower she drew and I immediately said "This is going in a frame Kayla!"  She was so excited!  I had to find somewhere to hang it and I wanted to actually be able to see it everyday, the only spot was to put it on the bookcase which worked out perfectly.  Now it's complete and I get to see her beautiful flower everyday!

picked up these flowers from Trader Joe's, they have the best flowers!!

After dropping Kayla off at school this morning and a quick workout Brooklyn and I went to the library

We gathered plenty of books and a couple movies to get us through the wet weekend ahead!

we also made some delicious cookies to help as well

although I don't think they are going to last too long because they are way too yummy

It's been pouring hard all day long but thankfully it stopped just long enough to pick up my big girl from school.  I wish I could say I was going to enjoy a rainy night at home with my family but I'm off to get my hair the rain.  Hoping it stops long enough for my drive there and back!!


Billie Jo said...

Love sharing your week, Shannon...
Glad you had some cozy home time.
I found the pasta recipe and printed it out!
Love love love the artwork!!!!!
And those cookies?!?!?!
And I just realized that I had caps lock on...sorry...wasn't shouting! ; )

Kelli said...

Starting next week we have something going on Monday-Wednesday nights...I am already stressed about dinners.
I love your new jars and Kayla's beautiful art work looks great next to them. I have many areas in my house that I still need to decorate.
We have a a lot of rain here as well.
Have a good weekend!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

It's nice to just have a few quiet nights at home during the week.Dinner looks great!

Kayla's Flower is adorable and looks fab in that frame!

Enjoy your weekend !