Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Last Performance of the Year and Preschool Open House

Last night was a busy one, we had softball practice for Brooklyn and then we rushed home to get changed and off we went to Kayla's last "singers" performance for Dr. Seuss night.  I wish we had the time to stay afterwards since they had crafts and activities for the kids but we had to squeeze in dinner so a quick stop at Wendy's(definitely not ideal) and then up to Brooklyn's preschool for Open House night.  Thank gosh I had my camera along for the night otherwise I surely would have forgotten it all!

Kayla did great at her last performance.  We are pretty sad that it is over for this year but they get a party on Thursday after school so Kayla  is excited for that!

(such a social butterfly chatting with her friend)

Next stop was Brooklyn's Open House!
She has been waiting and asking every week if it was time for us to go to her Open House.  She loved showing us around and pointing out all her artwork she has been working on.  Open House night is one of my favorites, I love how proud the girls are to show us what they have been working on and I really can't believe Brooklyn is just about done with Preschool it was not long ago when Kayla was showing us around at her preschools Open House.

notice her jellyfishes nose, she made sure to let us  know it was a jellyfish with a bunny nose which is definitely a Brooklyn thing to do, she is so silly

Kayla was very impressed with Brooklyn's fish and how strategically she glued down the colored squares while all the others were just piled on. So proud of my little girls and how amazing they are!


Billie Jo said...

What a night, my friend!
Both of your girls looked beautiful, and looked so proud and happy to be sharing their accomplishments. : )

These school years do fly right by, don't they?!?!

And a trip through Wendy's drive thru?
Sounds good to me!

Kelli said...

Sound like our night last night!
I love all your cute pictures!