Monday, March 10, 2014

Ten On Ten

ten on ten button

The day started off way too early when the girls woke me up freaking out and screaming because the power went out.  It was 5:30 am when I jumped out of bed and tried to rush down the hall to get them and bring them back in my room but I couldn't see a thing so I went back to find a flashlight and then all was well. It was a long morning of candle burning and hand puppets until the sun came up.  


Atleast we were all ready super early this morning, the girls played their leap pads until it was time to take Kayla to school


Kayla is off to school!


A quick stop at Starbucks after drop off and then back home to eat the last of some lemon cake


Spent some time reading books with Brooklyn


Then I spent quite awhile sorting and cleaning through Kayla's room so I could move a desk in here for her to use instead of the kids table and chair set which now sits in Brooklyn's room.  Kayla is going to be one happy little girl when she sees her new work area.


Brooklyn loves the table and chairs in her room, she's already been in there drawing most of the day.


Spring officially begins in 10 days!  I've slowly been adding pretty flowers and plants to the inside and outside of our home.  Loving how well this lavender is doing on the coffee table.


The weather today is perfect for open doors, our large cat enjoys nothing more than hanging out by the back screen watching all the birds all day.


Kayla loves her desk area, she exclaimed "This is incredible!"  when she got home.  Today she is happy to be doing her homework, lets see how long it lasts.


It's currently only 3:30 and I'm ready for my pajamas, thankfully there is no softball practice tonight so I might just be getting comfy very soon.
Happy Monday!


Billie Jo said...

Looks like a sweet day, my friend...
I always love sharing your days with you...even if we are miles and mies apart!

Becca said...

How cute! "This is incredible!"

Kelli said...

Not a fun way to start any morning but a Monday morning! I have always worried about the electricity going out overnight and us sleeping in.