Saturday, April 19, 2014

Preschool Easter Hunt

Thursday Brooklyn had her Easter egg hunt at preschool and I got to stick around to help hide the eggs and set up their fun snack for the morning.  I love staying and watching her have fun with her friends.  This little girl below is her best friend I have to pry them apart at pick up because they do not want to let go of each other!

"We're the three best friends anybody could have"
These three are always playing together!  The little girl on the left is actually the sister of the little boy Landon that Kayla loved to play with when she was in preschool.

Before snack time the kids got to paint an egg, the teacher cut them out later on but I love how Brooklyn was  the only one to add bunny ears to her egg and she didn't paint it all in like the others instead she made a zig zag design on her egg.

Time for a cookie and some fruit

While the kids were cleaning up and singing songs we went out to hide the eggs for the kids.  Once we were done they were all let loose to run around and find them.

It is so nice being able to enjoy these moments with Brooklyn at school, it seems not too long ago she was a baby on my hip while I was enjoying preschool parties with Kayla's class!

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