Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ten on Ten

Time for April's ten on ten!
Here's a peek into our sunny Spring day,

ten on ten button

pretty Spring flowers to walk out to each morning before breakfast

it's always rough getting us all ready and out the door on time every morning but somehow we manage

might have to buy some more jelly beans thinking these might not make it another week!

my dining room has become a housing complex for toys the past week, they have one more week left and then it's clean up time so the Easter bunny doesn't trip while hiding the eggs

one home from school and playing happily

watering flowers in the yard, they are enjoying the 80 degree temps we have had this week.

very ready for Friday!

home from school which means it's time to finish up homework

tea time!

 enjoying some books before getting ready for softball tonight


Billie Jo said...

Happy Day, my friend...
I love your flowers and jelly beans too!
Have a great weekend...we are off next week.
How about you?

Kelli said...

I started off taking pictures but then once I left the house I forgot!!
I love your kitchen towel!