Friday, May 9, 2014

The Last of the Celebrating.

This past Sunday we spent the day at Knott's Berry Farm per Kayla's request.  She had so much fun and was super excited to try out some new roller coasters that she was finally tall enough to go on.  Since Brooklyn can not go on any of them we spent a good portion of the day split up but meeting up after every few rides.  We all started off the day going on the log ride as a family, Brooklyn had never gone on it but agreed to try it out, her and I sat in the very front as she wanted.  She was very brave and said she liked it but she did not want to go back on it again ;)

Brooklyn loved the old town section and I could not get her out of this old school house, we went back many times and she wanted to sit here all day.

Here Brooklyn is standing on a grave in the old town cemetery, the ground vibrates as if there is a heartbeat when you stand in the middle.  She tried getting Kayla to stand on the grave but she wasn't too sure about it.

Kayla and daddy rode all the roller coasters together, mommy likes to stick to the less scary rides!  Kayla also went on her first upside down loop coaster and LOVED it!

We switched up for a bit and I got to hang out with just Kayla for a little while that is until she needed to go on more of the roller coasters.  She tried pretty hard to talk me into going on one but I couldn't do it, those days have passed.

It was such a great day, we couldn't believe that Brooklyn stayed up the whole way home usually it's the other way around but apparently the birthday girl had too much fun!


Monday afternoon I took donuts into Kayla's class so she could celebrate with her friends.

After they sang happy birthday to her and ate their donuts she got to stand in the front of the class and the class got to ask her questions, mostly they asked what she got for her birthday and what she did to celebrate?  She was so cute and I a bit nervous, which is definitely not something I see very often.

after all the questions they got to have a dance party!

After the dance party school was out so we headed to Petco to pick out Kayla's goldfish.  Can you tell she was excited to get them set up in her room??
She named one Spotty and the other Shimmer and she is loving watching them swim around!

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Hi Shannon, looks like Kayla had a great birthday! She is such a cutie and I can see her getting older. She looks so happy!