Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Tea

For the past two weeks Brooklyn has cried and screamed every Tuesday and Thursday when I take her to school.  She tells me she doesn't want to go to school because she misses me too much and just wants to be with me.  It's been horrible having to leave her so upset but I know if I give in she will learn it's okay to cry to get her way.  On Friday we went to school for the Mother's Day tea and I spent the evening before and morning explaining to her that we would be staying there together in hopes she wouldn't throw a fit.  Luckily it turned out well and instead of being upset going to school she was upset when we had to leave, lets hope that means she'll be excited come Tuesday morning!!
Anywho, I had been waiting all week to spend some time with her at her school.  I love, love, love handmade gifts from my girls so I couldn't wait to see what adorable thing I would be bringing home.

All the kids lined up first to sing to us and then they got to give us their gifts, she was so excited for me to open it and of course I loved it.  I was so happy to get another one of these tile hand prints, Kayla made me the same thing when she was in preschool so I love that I have one from each of my girls on my dresser now.

I had a great time at the Mother's Day tea with my sweet pea!

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Tracey Brewer said...

What a sweet gift! Glad y'all got to enjoy the tea together!