Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was absolutely perfect this year, we had all day to do whatever I wanted to do, which included a whole lot of nothing!  I woke up to a delicious breakfast in bed and then received my presents, my mouth dropped when I saw the amazing basket my husband put together all on his own!!  It was so perfect and so me.  I didn't want to take it apart but eventually by the end of the day I began finding spots around the house for my new goodies.  Kayla made me the cutest book with pictures and cute poems about me throughout it and even a few coupons for me to use for her to clean her room, feed the animals etc.  I had already received my hand print tile from Brooklyn on Friday but she made me a note that she wrote on her own that said I give the best hugs and kisses.  After a slow morning which included me staying in bed enjoying a chai tea and a magazine I decided we would go for a walk and the girls could ride their bikes.  We didn't get too far because Brooklyn's little legs got tired quick so we ended up at the park where I watched them play hide and seek with their dad.  It got a bit chilly so we eventually headed back home.  I talked hubby into going to the garden center to buy some more iceberg roses for the backyard and then we spent the rest of the day planting and cleaning up the yard until dinnertime.  Hubby was going to make dinner but I figured it would be easier to just go out to a little Italian restaurant nearby.  Sundays at home are always my favorite and today was so relaxing, it was a perfect way to spend my Mother's Day. 
I'm so thankful to have such an amazing husband and two amazing little girls! 


Kelli said...

It looks like a perfect day Shannon. I love the cute book...homemade gifts are the best. I sure will miss them one day.

SSM said...

You look beautiful with your baby girls. :)