Monday, June 2, 2014

Ditch Day

 Kayla had perfect attendance this year and one of the awards for perfect attendance was for the city police department to take those kids to a local minor league baseball game.  Hubby and I did not feel comfortable letting her go on a school night with people we did not know since she is still so young so after a few shed tears I promised her I would make it up to her with something fun soon. Well last Wednesday was the day!!  The girls had no idea I had planned a surprise beach day and the morning had started out like any other school morning except when Kayla went to her room to get dressed for school she found her swimsuit laying out instead of regular clothes.  She asked at first what it was for and was in shock when I said it's for the beach and told her she is ditching school today for some fun.  She was excited but a bit nervous because she thought her teacher might be mad at her but after constant reassurance that she would not get into any trouble because I said it was okay she was ready for some fun.
The weather was so perfect, a bit cloudy when we first arrived but it all burned off after about thirty minutes.  The girls ran around and played for hours, I could barely get Kayla to sit for our picnic lunch!  I included a ton of pictures of the fun we had and we will definitely be enjoying a ditch day here and there in the years to come!!


Billie Jo said...

You are an amazing mom, my friend!
What a great day. : )

Elma said...

Beautiful pictures!!!