Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Catching Up

There are so many things to catch up on, I feel like I haven't had time to sit down and blog as much this year but hopefully by next week I'll have a little more free time to document our lives.  I'm basically dumping what we've been up to the past week or so all in this one post so here we go....

Last Thursday at Kayla's school the first graders had a word parade, each student was given a word and had to make a costume to wear.  They walked around the school and into all the classrooms.  It was a really neat way to see what each kid came up with for their costume.
Kayla had the word "illuminate" so we made a light bulb costume and she wore some glow bracelets and daddy brought home a hard hat flashlight for her to wear on her head.

Saturday was spent at Papa Russ's swimming all day long.  Nothing better than a cocktail for mommy and the girls splashing in the water!

Sunday I took Kayla to exchange a few birthday gifts and she picked out some others instead, I think we came home with more toys than we left with.  The girls were busy the rest of the day trying them all out.

Sunday dinner was appetizers thrown together while the girls played with more toys.

Monday morning hubby took off of work so I could use my massage gift card he got me that I've had since Valentines day!  He walked Kayla to school but not until I was done taking a few pics of my favorite people

Can't believe school is going to be out already!!!
The girls both started swim lessons last night.

Don't let the next two pictures below of Brooklyn fool you, she cried and cried right after these were taken and I knew it was coming, mother's instincts!!  We had to pull her out of the class because she would not calm down or even try anything.  The thing that drives me crazy is I KNOW she would love it, my kids LOVE swimming but she gets very overwhelmed with new experiences and just loses it, drives us crazy!

Kayla did awesome and they were thinking about moving her up to the next level but I think she is better where she is because she sure got tired with all that free style swimming.

Tonight Brooklyn is going back to swim lessons and there will be a coach there to try out a one on one lesson with her until she feels comfortable to join the group.  She is pretty excited about having a special one on one class so we'll see how it goes!

This morning awards for perfect attendance were being handed out at Kayla's school.  I had told Kayla I would probably miss it because I had to take Brooklyn to preschool and wouldn't be back in time to see it she was a little sad but even more sad when I told her that I wasn't sure she would get a trophy because they said only perfect attendance got a trophy and since we ditched last week for our beach day it probably counted against her, she would still get a medal but just not a trophy.  This of course was followed by tears and made me feel awful, all night I was upset with myself and after I dropped her off at school I was teary eyed the whole drive up to Brooklyn's school for the fact that I was worried she was going to be sad she didn't get a trophy and because I wasn't going to be there.  I finally told Brooklyn that I would not be staying to watch her play because I really needed to be back for Kayla's award ceremony.  I drove as fast as I could to make it back down the hill to Kayla's school and made it just in time to hear Kayla's name being announced as 1 of the 43 kids in the school with perfect attendance!!!  She was so happy to receive that trophy and I was so happy I didn't miss that moment.  I left crying tears of happiness, I'm so proud of her and yet so sad that she is growing up so fast, can't believe next year she'll be in 2nd grade!

Today I finished up the teacher gifts, buckets filled with yummy smelling sun products and a cute necklace for Kayla's teacher as well.
Kayla has her last day of first grade tomorrow and then Brooklyn has her last day on Thursday! 
Friday will be our official first day of Summer and we are ready!!!

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Kelli said...

Such cute teacher gifts. I always have a hard time finding something fun and thoughtful.

I love when you post pictures of your appetizer dinners. Just today I made my grocery list and I have made Friday nights dinner an appetizer dinner...I even put down...like Shannon. :)