Thursday, June 5, 2014

Schools Out For Summer!

As of twelve o'clock today school is out for Summer! 
Kayla had her last day of school on Wednesday and we took our usual pictures by the front door before sending her off on her last day of first grade.  They spent the day having popsicles in the morning and a nacho party in the afternoon.  They also got to bring in their favorite game, Kayla took a card game, crazy 8's and they all played and taught each other how to play each game they brought.

Kayla showed Brooklyn how to make a heart, cuteness!

Kayla got quite a bit taller this year!  I love seeing their sweet little face compared with the first day to the last day of school, always looking much older by the end of each school year.

Kayla came home with a gift bag from her teacher filled with candy, a crazy straw, otterpop and a new book that she couldn't wait to read to me.

This morning was Brooklyn's last day of preschool, next year she will be in Pre-K which is still part time at the same school so I was saved from crying this year atleast!  She has been waiting for this day for the past 5 weeks, I've had to countdown how many more days until she can spend every day with me.

always being a goof

Gosh her face looked so little on the first day of preschool, I see that baby face slowly saying goodbye and breaking my heart!!  At school today they had an ice cream party, played outside, sang songs and listened to her teacher read books. I will definitely not miss picking her up and cleaning her up everyday.  Their playground is sand and she is filthy when I pick her up, I could have filled my own sandbox with the amount of sand I have dumped out of her shoes every Tuesday and Thursday.  Below she is cleaned up, changed, disinfected and all ready for Summer!

I took each of the girls out on their own for a little coffee/chocolate milk date at Starbucks while the other one was off enjoying their last day of school.  It was nice to have some last one on one time with each of them before I'm dragging them both everywhere together and breaking up fights all Summer.
Let the Fun Begin!!!!!!!


Billie Jo said...

Happy Summer, Shannon!!!!!!!!
What fun you all will have...
Loved the pictures.
And yes...darn them for growing, right before our eyes.
For Pete's sake next year I have a senior!!, a freshman, a 7th grader...and my Pre-4.
Enjoy every moment...

Becca said...