Monday, June 9, 2014

First Weekend of Summer

Thursday night after the girls got home from swimming lessons, which are going great with Brooklyn now, I had set up a few Summer fun goodies for the girls to find when they walked in.  They were pretty excited to to find all the fun pool toys which they used on Saturday at their Papa Russ'.

Friday morning I hoped they would find the note I left out for them with donuts on the table but when I woke up after 7 AM they were quietly watching a movie and had not even seen the donuts.  Once I told them to go check out the table they were all smiles.

I didn't even realize that Friday was National Donut Day until later that day, perfect timing if I do say so.

The girls spent Friday lounging around and working on their Kiwi Crate boxes.  They made jumping frogs and played with them for a bit.  We also made a trip to the library and picked out some movies and books, Kayla was happy when she found the movie Annie she remember it used to be my very favorite when I was a kid.

Since Kayla loves to read I picked out a few chapter books that are a bit too hard for her to read on her own so we can spend some time cuddling up before bedtime to read together.  First up is Harry Potter, after we finish this one we will watch the movie and then I'll let her choose if she wants to move to the second book or on to another chapter book.

My house has been a huge mess everyday, Brooklyn's room has looked like a tornado has gone through it daily but it eventually gets picked up and is ready to be messed up again.

Saturday was pool day at my father in laws, probably one of our last free weekends that we have where we can spend the day out in Palm Springs.  I can't believe how busy the weekends are from here on out.  Makes me sad when I think of everything we have going on because I know Summer is just gonna fly by!

Here's to hoping there is enough time to enjoy it before it's over!

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Billie Jo said...

You are the sweetest mommy ever!
Love the love for your girls...
And I know...
Summer goes crazy fast...
I always think that after 4th of July it speeds up too!