Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ten on Ten

It's June tenth and we are 3 "school days" into Summertime, so far so good.  It's so nice being able to do whatever we want to do whenever we want to do it.  The only thing that we have scheduled everyday is swimming lessons in the evenings which will be over on Thursday, other than that we are just enjoying the lazy days of Summer.  Here's a peak at our Tuesday,

6:30 am
wake up 

7:30 am 
I made chocolate chip banana bread yesterday morning and lucky for us we still had some left for this morning as well.

8:30 am
Time to bring out every toy the girls can find to make a disastrous mess in the family room cuz it's Summer

9:30 am
they must be tired from making their mess

10:30 am
Movie time!
Kayla and I really liked the movie, Brooklyn said she did too but was very antsy during most of it.  I think she was a little bored.

a quick stop at Taco Bell for some lunch before heading home, I really wanted to do some shopping at Homegoods but knew it was not going to turn out well.  I'm kinda missing my few hours of alone time already and Summer just began!!

Brooklyn played happily outside for a bit

Kayla stayed inside to draw

 3:30 pm
This hydrangea never lets me down always blooms every Summer

4 pm
ready and off to swim lessons.

ten on ten button

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