Friday, June 13, 2014

Swimming Lessons

One full week down and swimming lessons are done!  It started off a bit rocky with Brooklyn but on day two she got in and tried again.  I really wasn't sure if she would pass, she is pretty hesitant to put her head all the way in the water but she passed along with Kayla who did great.  Kayla learned a couple new swimming techniques and still loves it.  Last night was their last day which is also free day meaning they get to spend their time playing.  The aquatic center has two slides and a few other water features that sprinkle and spray water.  Kayla went down the slides most of the time and swam with her friend that was in her class that she knew from school.  Brooklyn stayed away from the slides but enjoyed playing in the shallow area with the water sprinklers and sprayers.

I'm happy we are done because I was melting every evening watching them swim and I'm looking forward to not having somewhere to be every evening.  Next week we will get into some fun crafts and enjoy the long lazy days of Summer!

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Kelli said...

Look at those sweet smiles! Enjoy your weekend