Sunday, June 29, 2014

Paradise Point Family Vacation Part I

Last Sunday we drove down to San Diego to stay at Paradise Point for a little family vacation.  We stayed three nights and had a great time.  The girls were very excited, Brooklyn had been talking about this vacation since February and asking constantly how much longer until we go.  Of course I took a ton of pictures with both my iphone as well as with my good camera so these pics are all over the place on clarity but you get the idea, right?
San Diego is a little less than a 2 hour drive from us and after a stop at In N Out for lunch it seemed to go pretty quickly.  We arrived a bit too early to check in so while we waited for our room to be done we did a bit of exploring around the resort.

The grounds were very, very pretty!  There were a ton of different kinds of birds, lush landscaping, a small shark lagoon, ducks everywhere(as in I almost stepped on a few, it seemed everytime I turned around there was a duck sleeping in front of me) and of course the ocean view!

After about an hour of walking around they called to let us know our room was ready.  The girls were certainly happy since they were dying to go to the pool!  For as crowded as the resort seemed the pool was not, they did have 5 pools to choose from but we spent our time at the main pool which was the only one with food and drinks.

We ordered snacks and drinks and the girls had fun playing.

Brooklyn kept begging to go back up the observation tower which we had all gone up (except Kayla since she was a bit scared of the height) when we first arrived.  I finally gave in and got her dried up while daddy and Kayla stayed and swam.  Below is a picture of her about half way up, it was 81 steps up and we went up it about 3 times everyday.  Kayla ended up going up with us later in the evening and loved it.  My calves were a bit sore by the last day from going up and down it so much but it was very pretty from the top.

After a delicious and outrageously overpriced dinner we stopped into the gift store so the girls could spend some of their money from grandma and grandpa.  Kayla picked out a little giraffe while Brooklyn grabbed a sparkly pink mermaid.

It was an early night in since the night before we were all up very late.  Brooklyn passed out around 7:45 pm while the rest of us watched a couple episodes of Full House before turning in.

Monday morning the girls decided they wanted to check out the beach.  

Cute little duck family floating around

We stayed at the beach for a few hours until we finally talked the girls into heading back to the pool.  The sand they were playing in was pretty awful and dirty and I really didn't want them swimming around in the water once I noticed the drain run off pipe a little ways over from where we were.

Drinks for all back at the pool and everyone was happy!

After pool time it was back up and down the observation tower and then time to get cleaned up for our Harbor Tour Boat ride.

Brooklyn was a bit nervous about the whole boat ride thing but once we got going she eased up and was very excited to see the seals, sea lions and birds.  In fact she was more excited to see the birds playing in the ocean than she was seeing the seals and sea lions.  She's always had a thing for birds.

Kayla and I started out sitting together until she wanted to sit front row to see everything a bit better.

Brooklyn LOVED when the boat went fast, squealing and screaming "This is soooo Awesome!!"
Below is a shot of the resort from the boat. 

The harbor tour was an hour and after we got off we were hungry and ready to grab some pizza for dinner.

The girls were caught holding hands often while we were there.  

We decided after pizza to stop and pick up some ice cream and then headed back to our room to get these little faces cleaned up for bed.

Brooklyn was out before 7:30 this night and the rest of us enjoyed some more episodes of Full House to end the day.


Billie Jo said...

Looks so wonderful, Shannon!
I loved all the pics...
My favorite was the freshly washed and jammied girls all ready for bed in the room.
That is always one of my favorite parts of any vacation. : )

Kelli said...

Yay for vacations! It looks like you had a wonderful time with those cute little girls. :)

We have stayed there a few times...before Juliana. It is a beautiful resort!

Becca said...

I love all of these pictures! I'm excited to see everyone on Friday!