Monday, June 30, 2014

The Weekend

Saturday our community hosted their 2nd annual Summer in the Park.  We went last year and the girls had a blast so we knew we had to go again this year plus all residents in our community would be getting free In N Out meals!!!  This year along with bouncers they had water slides so the girls were even more excited.  We walked over right when it started to be sure to get our In N Out before it got too crowded.  We still had a bit of a wait but it got much worse as the day went on.  It was HOT so hubby and I were not quite as excited about the bouncers and water slides as the girls were.

After we ate they were free to play.  Brooklyn opted to bounce in the bouncers because she freaked out climbing the water slide because it was a little hot.  Kayla of course didn't mind a bit.

After about an hour of hubby and I melting we gathered the girls and walked back home.  We cooled off for a little while then headed out to our favorite yogurt spot before going to Home Depot for a few things.

Sunday morning I woke up and made croissant french toast for breakfast and then spent the rest of the day relaxing and running to Kohl's and The Dollar Store for a few things.  The girls spent the morning playing on the back patio, in their pj's until it got too hot for them.

Around 4 we drove out to a baseball game.  

They both had a great time and enjoyed eating cracker jacks and trying to open peanuts all on their own.  I ended up spending most of the game opening peanuts for Brooklyn so I didn't really even get to watch the game but it was still fun.

Sunday's are family night so at the end of the games all the kids get to run around the bases.  They were looking forward to this and had so much fun doing it.  Brooklyn is trailing behind in her red Angel hat and there's Kayla up in front.

Kayla finished first and then waited for Brooklyn grabbing her hand immediately after she crossed the plate.  I love that they have been holding hands so much lately!!

Summer is flying by but we are having a lot of fun enjoying it!

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Billie Jo said...

I adore the family time you and your hubby spend with your babies.
Such warm memories you are creating. : )