Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Paradise Point Part II

View of the main pool from the top of the observation tower

Our last full day at Paradise Point we spent at the pool.  In the evening we knew we wanted to venture out of the resort to go to dinner elsewhere because it was pretty expensive for the four of us to eat dinner there.  I had  also found out about a small amusement park place that had a few rides that I knew the girls would like.  After the day spent at the pool I thought it would be a great way to end our trip and then we could just grab dinner somewhere there.

Holding hands again after breakfast

drinks for all

The girls are always ready to visit any type of amusement park so they were pretty excited when we told them our plan.  

After rides and dinner we headed back to the resort where we picked up some duck and fish food from the market there and went to feed the ducks first.


After the ducks we fed the fish, I really liked feeding the fish and this spot below is one the girls loved visiting everyday.  There were small sharks and a couple of interesting looking fish that they loved watching daily.

The sun was beginning to set so I tried to get the girls to let me take a couple of pictures of them together.  Brooklyn was much too busy running around to cooperate so I barely got one.

Kayla enjoyed taking a few for me!
Getting Brooklyn to take a picture is pretty hard, she always wants to make funny faces and is too busy being a goof.

These next two aren't too bad,

ummm looks like we've lost her, she's starting to dance instead.

Wednesday morning was our last morning and after we gathered our bags and cleaned up things a bit we headed out to pick up some pastries, chocolate milks and coffee.  We spent the morning walking around the island and the girls gathered seashells to bring home.

Eventually it was time to go home.  The girls had a great time and although I am always happy to come back home I was a little sad that our family vacation had already come to an end for this Summer.  Makes me want to start planning our next family trip!

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