Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Clothes Shopping

So I don't normally blog about fashion but that's because I'm pretty boring when it comes to clothes.  I always have the best intentions to go out and buy clothes for myself only to find cuter clothes for the girls so I end up putting my clothes back and getting theirs instead!  Well the last two days I have spent some time online purchasing a few (sorry hubby) items for myself and now I'm pretty excited to start building a better wardrobe for myself.  I'll work on adding things slowly in the future but for now here is what I'm waiting to arrive at my doorstep,

Hubby and I are going to Vegas in a couple weeks and I wanted a dress that was a little bit nicer than just a sundress and I'm hoping the one above works out well because it looks really cute and comfortable.  Perfect for a fancy dinner and show I think!!  The dress below will be fun for a casual evening or during the day if we aren't lounging by the pool.

I love this dress below but did not purchase it and I'm sure it will be sold out soon.  I knew I didn't really need it for Vegas or Summer since it's too hot but it would be perfect for Fall.

I've been wanting a cute denim jacket for awhile now and I've heard amazing things about this brand and lucky for me it was on sale so it will be mine very soon.  It will be perfect over dresses in the evenings.

I was in major need of jeans and I was down to only two, one of which are ripped and I need nice jeans.  Vigoss jeans are my favorite, mainly because they are affordable and still comfortable.  Last night these dark ones were on sale but it looks like they are already back up to normal price.  Glad I got them for the sale price!

I also picked up these as well, I've been wanting some patterned jeans and these will be fun with some cute sandals.

I think I bought enough items in the past 24 hours for now and I'm hoping they all actually fit and look as cute as they do online.  Atleast all of them have free shipping and returns so that's a major bonus.  Now to find some cute and comfortable wedges!?


WhiteWhispers2u said...

I am sure they will all look great on you! You may have some luck at your local Goodwill, thrift shops too.

My Girl's are smaller too and always have great luck at our GW Stores.

Always fun to get new digs !

Becca said...

Cute! You are brave to buy pants and dresses without trying them. I never know what will fit!