Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Pretend City

Wednesday we took the girls to Pretend City, we had plans to go last Summer but it never worked out so we knew we had to fit it in this Summer.  I was hoping it wouldn't be too crowded and luckily it wasn't bad.  We were there for about 3 hours and by the last hour it had completely cleared out making it a lot easier watching the girls as they jumped from area to area.
There are many different rooms where you basically get to play pretend, there is a doctors office, grocery store, library, engineering room for the older kids, daddy and Kayla enjoyed this room!  They have dress up areas and many more fun things.  Brooklyn LOVED driving in all the different cars, they have a road that wraps around the center of all the rooms with streets and parking spots, super cute for little ones.

Kayla was excited from the beginning because she got to ride in her new backless booster seat!  Oh and we got to listen to her new Kids Bop CD.

Which meant Brooklyn got to move into a new car seat as well, it was quit exciting to them.

When we first arrived the girls played in the marina room.

Up next a little dress up time,

taking some emergency calls

Brooklyn might be a little big for the cozy coupe but it didn't stop her from driving around in one all day!

Kayla was definitely too big!

Great parking job Brooklyn!

Happily shopping at the grocery store while Kayla decided she wanted to take orders in the bakery section.

Taking a break in the play house

Next Brooklyn ran off and found the stage and Kayla decided she was going to take care of the farm.  She spent forever cleaning up and organizing all the fruit and vegetables.  She was enjoying every minute of it too, I was wondering why she doesn't organize her room this well??!!  I think she is ready to live on our farm one day though.

Looks like Brooklyn found another car!

I love this picture below, Brooklyn kept parking her pink car in front of the post office area so she could go in and gather some mail(there were mailboxes throughout the place to mail stuff) and wanted me to make sure nobody would take her car.  I had to keep telling her you can't do that because there were kids waiting to use the cars and you have to share so at one point Kayla came driving up in the pick up truck with Brooklyn's car on the back of it making sure nobody could use it.  It was hilarious!

After about 3 hours of fun we decided we needed a change of scenery so we stopped by the Irvine Spectrum so the girls could ride the Ferris Wheel they spotted from the freeway on the way out there. 

The girls were exhausted to say the least but we were going to visit my grandparents and then go out to dinner with them.  There were many meltdowns from both of the girls when we first arrived at their place but thankfully my grandparents were just so happy to have us there it didn't matter.  It was a long day for the girls but they had a great time.  I'm glad we managed to fit a visit to Pretend City this Summer.

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