Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

My Friday Favorite this week was Wednesday spent with my girls on Balboa Island.   We love it there and most Summers although not this Summer we rent a house for a week on the island.  So when I told them we were going to go to the beach I figured we would be going to a beach with waves since that is what they usually want so when they mentioned Balboa Island I was more than excited.  It meant for the most part I could sit back and relax all day while they played happily and I wouldn't have to worry about a thing.  It was even better when we arrived and I set up our stuff on the sand in the same spot we stayed last year to find out the same family that was there the year before was back again this week.  The girls got to play with the same little boys as they did the year before which was fun.  They happily played in the sand, had a boogie board tricks competition with the boys and chased each other around in the water.  After six hours in the sun I told the girls it was time to grab dinner, we ate at a little diner on the island and afterward we walked over to the candy shop to grab our annual bag of taffy before taking a stroll around the island.  It definitely made me sad that we didn't get a house on the island this year(click here to see previous Balboa visits) but I do not miss paying for it!

I love these little girls so much, I'm so thankful I have them to share these days with!


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