Saturday, July 26, 2014

2 1/2 Weeks of Summer Left

We are nearing the end of our Summer vacation and I'm getting sad just thinking of how fast it went by!  We are staying busy and have marked off just about everything from our Summer fun list.  Here's a look into what we did this past week,

Sunday we spent the day swimming at my in laws, the girls had a blast,

Kayla enjoyed being tossed into the air by her uncle Matt

Brooklyn preferred to do her own tiny jumps off of the steps with floaties and an inner tube of course.

On Monday morning, after months of combing out through a tangled hair mess all Summer I finally demanded they let me cut their hair!  They both loved it once it was done and so did I!!

Later in the day we worked on a craft from our Kiwi Crate box.  The girls got to paint their own backpacks.

and Monday night we celebrated National Ice Cream Day which was actually on Sunday.  I knew we would be gone on Sunday so I made chocolate chip ice cream Saturday morning knowing we would enjoy it on Monday night.  I just recently bought an ice cream maker and sure wish I bought  it years ago when I first wanted one, we are loving the taste fresh ice cream!!!

Tuesday was a trip to the eye doctor, gotta fit in all the doctor appointments before the girls are back in school.  Afterwards we dropped by the library to pick out a few books.  Kayla was bummed that the one she wanted was already checked out but Brooklyn found a couple for us to enjoy.

Wednesday was our beach day which can be seen here
After a long day in the sun on Wednesday we spent Thursday lounging around, the girls stayed in their pajamas all day.

Kayla woke up with some wild hair and Brooklyn did some yoga with me

Friday after running a lot of errands we came home and Brooklyn wanted to swim, she lasted about 20 minutes before wanting to come in.  I didn't argue with her, it was extremely hot and made me wish it was Fall and cooler temps would hurry and come around.

We ended the day with movie night and then it was off to bed for the girls.  Can't believe our lazy days are just about over!

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Kelli said...

I know I am getting so sad that summer is just about over. Your in laws pool is beautiful.
Enjoy your last few weeks of summer!