Saturday, August 2, 2014

Las Vegas, 10 Years Together

At the end of August we will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary but since the girls will sadly be back in school hubby and I went on a little getaway to celebrate early.  I knew I did not want to spend any longer than three nights away from my girls so we had to go somewhere nearby and after spending some time trying to figure out where to go we decided on Las Vegas.  We knew we wanted to spend our days lounging by the pool and   the evenings enjoying delicious food so we decided Vegas was the place to go.  Luckily we got a great deal at the Wynn/Encore hotel and were beyond impressed with the hotel.  The rooms were gorgeous and the beds were very comfortable.

After checking in and getting settled we went out to explore a bit and I had to take some pictures of the beautiful carousel and balloons made out of fresh flowers to send to the girls cuz I knew they would love it.  We walked across the street to check out the mall nearby and some restaurants we were interested in eating at and then back to Wynn to get some drinks.

The first night we were there we went to see the show La Reve, we received complimentary tickets with our room when we booked.  I was glad we didn't have to pay for them because I am not really into any of the Vegas shows like these much at all and honestly did not really enjoy it anyhow but atleast we gave it a try.  We still had a great night regardless and our dinner at Allegro, which was at the hotel was delicious!

At our hotel there is a Ferrari dealership, which by the way hubby is obsessed with, so right after breakfast we of course took a trip to check out the cars.  
He was in heaven!

Next up it was time to relax all day at the pool!
It was hot so we were in the water the entire time.

After we got back to the room and got cleaned up I laid down for just a quick second which then ended in a little nap.  

Eventually we got up and dressed to go out to dinner where I had the best Lobster Bisque soup ever!!  After our dinner we headed back to our hotel and ended our evening with a few drinks in the lounge.  I think the quiet evenings and actually enjoying a quiet dinner together are my favorite part of vacations!

The next morning we slept past 9!!! 
It's been so long sleeping in that late that I didn't even know it was possible anymore.  We took our time getting ready and by the time we got dressed it was almost lunch time so we decided to grab some lunch before making our way back to the pool.

Soon enough it was our very last night.  We decided to go to dinner at an Italian restaurant we enjoy at the Venetian and afterward we ventured out to listen to some live country music followed by a stop at the Piano bar.  Soon enough it was late and I mean 2 AM late!!  

I did not want to get out of bed the next morning but knew we had to get packed up to head home.
We stopped into a cute little cafe downstairs to grab some breakfast before our drive home.

I had a great time hanging out with my best friend and already wish we could fit in another getaway just the two of us especially when I think of how busy things are about to get again now that we are home and school is about to start up but I'm looking forward to another anniversary celebration in a few weeks with our closest friends and parents!!

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Genn said...

Looks like such a fun getaway!! Happy Annicersary!i loved your outfits. Those ankle booties are SO cute!