Monday, August 25, 2014

First Full Week of School Done

One full week of school down, now on to week number two!
Last week was BUSY, both of the girls started dance on different days and Brooklyn had Meet the Teacher night on Monday and Wednesday night was Back to School Night for Kayla.  In between all of that I was running here an there trying to get ready for a party we were having Saturday night. 

Kayla had her first day of hip hop on Monday and loved it again.  She took last year off from dance but had taken hip hop the year before.  So far her class is extremely small, only her and one other girl.  I was worried she was going to not like being in such a small class but she was okay with it.

Wednesday afternoon Brooklyn was back at again starting her 3rd year in ballet and 2nd year in tap.  She has a different teacher this year who seems to be a bit more fun so she enjoyed that.  She was also pretty excited to get "Dance of the Day" on her first day back.

After dance we grabbed some dinner and then had to head over to Kayla's Back to School night were she showed me her favorite thing about 2nd grade this year, her own Chrome book.  Pretty neat that each student gets to work on their own laptop type computer during the day!

I also got to check out a lot of fun things they made in the first few days of school.  They had been working really hard to get the classroom cute for all of us parents and I loved all the fun things they put together!

Over the weekend hubby and I hosted a party with our parents and close friends to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary, it was so much fun!  I'll be back with pictures to share soon.
Happy Monday!

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Becca said...

How cute! I love her hip hop outfit and her assignments. :)